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DanceXchange is a renowned dance studio, established in the 1980's, that not only offers top quality syllabus training, but also open dance classes which are fun and healthy dance experiences for kids and adults of all ages.



This style uses modern dance and ballet techniques with intensified attack focus and timing. A blend of twists, tensions, spirals and balletic elongated lines are introduced. Ground work is often utilized and turn in of the legs. Dancers often perform in bare feet. Contemporary dance is based on the study of the human body and body/mind inter-relationships. The movements are expressive.

The exploration of contemporary dance was pioneered by the famous Martha Grahame and George Balanchine in the 20th century.


Jazz dance is comprised of many styles. It originated from the African Americans and then evolved on Broadway into the styles taught today. Jazz Dance was popularized by choreographers such as Bob Fossé in Chicago and Caberet. Jazz dance has also been influenced by other dance forms such as acro, ballet, lyrical and hip hop.

Strong technique is essential to enable the dancer to focus on the style and so that leaps and turns can be properly executed. Strong sharp movements are required. A strong core is essential to enable to dancer to maintain control while executing powerful movements.


Tap Dance was developed in the USA in the 19th century. The name comes from the tapping sound made by metal plates underneath the shoes. Tap dance has most often been recognized for its happy, carefree method of expression. Tap is an art form that can be seen and heard. It is basically mathematical, just as music is.

All people have a natural rhythm. The simplest of body functions (heart beat, walking, breathing) occur in rhythm. The tap dancer must develop a further awareness or “sense of rhythm”. An essential part of tap dance is to learn basic music as the tap dancer must also be a percussive musician since he creates sound.


RAD Ballet is recognized around the world and offers a platform for a wide range of exams/ assessments to students of all ages. Ballet focuses on building creativity, fitness, musicality and to develop one's own artistry and therefore gives our students the opportunity to progress and achieve.

In our classes, students learn the fundamentals of classical ballet, gain an understanding of its physicality, discipline and generally learn how to control their bodies. 


Hip Hop is highly energetic. It does not require a ballet technique. In this style the dancer requires great rhythm, vibe, energy and attitude. Hip Hop evolved from a number of cultures and is very popular amongst the youth.




Dance Director

Margie Wells is an Examiner with the Association of International Dance Teachers. She has a lifetime of dance experience, having danced professionally. She has taught and examined locally and internationally.
While Margie currently specializes in training teachers and syllabus work, she is well known for her dance shows including "Circle of Life", "Rhythm of the Soul", 'Struttin'  Through The Century”, “Evolution", "Colour My World", "Mystique” and more recently “So You Think You Can DanceXchange”.

Jacquie Graham

Jacquie Graham.jpg

Advanced Tap, Hip Hop and Modern Teacher

Jacquie Graham is a qualified advanced A.I.D.T modern and tap teacher. She has obtained the prestigious A.I.D.T solo performer diploma in modern and tap, where she obtained the top achiever in tap. She has won numerous championships at different competitions around Gauteng.

She is a professional dancer with experience in many different styles of dance. She has performed in various corporate events such as Star Light Classics, SASBO 100 year birthday celebration and Vodacom Sales Conference at Sun City. She has also been abroad and danced on the cruise ships. She has been part of Extravaganza shows performed at the Lyric Theatre at Gold Reef City.
Jacquie’s desire is to pass her passion and experience in dance on to her pupils at DanceXchange.

Simone Parfett


Hip Hop and Modern Teacher

Simone Parfett is a qualifying Hip Hop and Modern Teacher.  and has trained at DanceXchange since the age of 5. She has obtained the prestigious A.I.D.T solo performance diploma in hip hop and modern. She has won numerous championships at different competitions around Gauteng.

She is a professional Dancer with experience in various differnet styles of dance. She has danced abroad in India as an IPL cheerleader and has performed for various corporate events taking place at Sun City, Carnival City and more.

Simone wishes to inspire others with her passion for dance, performance and movement.

Bryanne Coxon

Bryanne 2.jpg

RAD Ballet Teacher

Grade:  Modern Teacher

Bryanne Coxon is a qualified ballet and modern dance teacher with certification from RAD and AIDT.
She has 8 years of experience teaching dancers of various ages.

She is also trained in ballroom, Latin, Spanish and tap.  Bryanne has taken part in many showcases, festivals and examinations, always receiving noteworthy results

Bryanne teachers at various nursery schools and at a dance studio in Weltervreden Park.

She is passionate about dance and loves sharing that passion with her students.  She is a teacher that focuses on good technique and lots of fun.

Natasha Parfett


Advanced Hip Hop Teacher

Joined DanceXchange Studio at the age of 5 where she excelled in all her examinations and competitions. She has since become an accomplished and dedicated teacher at DanceXchange where she teaches in the genres of  Modern/Contemporary/Jazz/Hip Hop.



1st Place in World Dance Cup Hip Hop Duet 2019

Numerous 1st placings in Gauteng, Concours and Roodepoort Festivals.

Danced in various shows including Rhythm of the Soul, Mystique, Colour My World and So You Think You Can DanceXchange.

Thabiso Sima

Thabiso Sima.jpg

Hip Hop and Tap Teacher

Watch the space for this up coming all round dancer/teacher. Thabiso Sima started dancing at the age of 5 at DanceXchange where he excelled in exams, festivals and numerous shows.



Obtained Honours with Distinction throughout his Modern, Tap and Hip Hop examinations

Winner Hip Hop Bursary Competition 2018

Best major AIDT tap dancer for 2018

DanceXchange:  Best Senior Hip Hop Dancer 2018

1st Place in World Dance Cup Hip Hop Duet 2019

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